The Child and Adolescent Data Lab of the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work is an applied research center focused on using a data­ driven approach to inform policy and practice decisions in child welfare and juvenile justice.


Learn about how the Child and Adolescent Data Lab is partnering with State agencies to bring about sustainable social change.

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Child and Adolescent Analytics

The Child Data Lab is working with agencies to better understand how children and adolescents move through (and at times between) the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. A primary objective of this work is to move beyond simple population counts and estimates.
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Rx Kids

Rx Kids is the first-ever citywide cash prescription program for pregnant moms and babies. Rx Kids provides all pregnant moms in the city of Flint with no-strings-attached cash of $1,500 during pregnancy and $500 each month throughout a baby’s first year.
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children in foster care in the U.S.


Equity and Education

Despite the critical nature of education and academic achievement in the lives of all children and adolescents, virtually nothing is known about this domain for youth involved with child welfare or juvenile justice systems.
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Illinois Waiver Demonstration

The Illinois waiver demonstration is designed to improve reunification and other family permanency and safety outcomes for foster children from drug-involved families.
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juvenile arrests in the U.S.