Opportunities for Students

The Child and Adolescent Data Lab (Data Lab) is currently accepting applications for training positions. Students have the opportunity to tailor their specific training opportunities to align with their career interests and trajectory, while receiving supervision and advanced training. Training opportunities are available for students from a variety of departments, including:

Social Work

Social work students can select between two internship tracks:

  1. Social Policy and Evaluation,
  2. Management of Human Services

This opportunity is additionally open to Child Welfare Scholars. More information can be found here.

Data or Computer Science/Information Studies

Students will use Data Lab data to help quantify and address pressing concerns that impact this nation’s child welfare infrastructure.

Art and Design

Data visualization constantly seeks new ways to represent information to create connection, narrative and understanding. Students will assist in developing new and unique methods to display data to communicate a message to the end user.

To learn more, please complete this contact request form:

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