Lindsey Brabb

Gregory Bushman, BS, Graduate Student Intern

Lindsey Brabb, MSW

Research Assistant

Lindsey Brabb joined the Child and Adolescent Data Lab as a student intern while earning her Master of Social Work degree and certificate in Child Welfare from the University of Michigan.  Brabb is extremely passionate about using research and evaluation to improve social and educational outcomes for youth involved in child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Brabb is working with the lab to evaluate child welfare and juvenile justice programs, policies, and outcomes to increase data driven decision making. Before coming to the Child and Adolescent Data Lab, Brabb was employed through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and held positions as a Foster Care Worker, Child Protective Services Worker and Independent Living Specialist who serviced youth transitioning out of foster care.  Additionally, Brabb has direct service experience working in the Michigan juvenile justice and public school systems.